Freebie Haul, March – April, 2016

It wasn’t that long ago I began this blog and set a personal goal to do some sort of writing every day – whether it be blogging, or journaling, or working on my memoirs. This particular project is a way of keeping myself disciplined and focused. I wanted to challenge myself to write about something I’m passionate about, that isn’t related to the heavier content I’m normally working on. Budget beauty and fabulous frugality is something I’m excited about, as it gives me a diversion from the everyday BS I’ve got to deal with as a disabled chick living in constant (chronic) pain.

When I first set out on this adventure, I had no idea I’d end up discovering even more ways to obtain nice things. I’ve gotten a ton of amazing products over the past few months, and I’m surprised at how easy it is to obtain free stuff if you’re willing to put in a little bit of legwork!

That said, I’m really writing this post to brag about discuss what I’ve gotten for free in a little over a month. I’m psyched to share this cuz I’m almost in disbelief at the amount of loot I have!

Today alone, I got the following:

TODAY’S HAUL ALONE IS WORTH $68.99 retail value! How sweet is that? 

Other stuff I got over the past week: 

  • A package of 10 Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers. Ahhh, the childhood memories! Retail Value of $8.99. (via crowdtap)
  • Three bottles of Vitafusion Gummy vitamins – with a retail value of well over $30.00!
  • A bottle of Nexium containing a 14-day supply, which is about $14.00 retail. (via Smiley360).
  • A deluxe sample package of cascade dishwasher tabs, which I gave away to a friend who actually has a dishwasher! Retail value is probably $4.00. (Via BzzAgent).
  • 11 deluxe-sized samples of Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Moisturizer – SPF 15 (through my sister, via crowdtap). Retail Value? Those samples would probably be at least $1.00 each if they were available for purchase. So we’ll say about $11.00. Any samples we get are distributed to many of our family and friends, of course! What fun is getting freebies if you don’t spread the love?
  • I also got two truvia samples in the mail, for a total of four packets. Hey, they were free, right? *I don’t think they’re worth counting the value of, since they’re easy enough to snag while grabbing a coffee from Cumby’s or whatever convenience store is in your area. 

The rest of my haul, from the beginning of March until now, includes the following:

  • Sample of Secret Clinical Strength – Est. Value – $2.00
  • Lotsa Sample Packets of Garnier Whole Blends. Est. Value – $5.00
  • Sample of Playtex Tampons – Est. Value – $1.00
  • Sample of Poise Pads – Est. Value of 50 cents.
  • Magazine Subscriptions – Oprah, Seventeen Magazine and Elle. $30.00 value.
  • Wal*Mart Gift Card for $5.00 from My Coke Rewards.
  • $10.00 in Amazon Gift cards from Bing Rewards.
  • $80.00 in Amazon Gift cards from Crowdtap.
  • By far, the best single item I’ve received in the past month has got to be the Amope Pedi Perfect Rechargeable Wet and Dry Foot file (via crowdtap) which retails for $60 – 70.00!!!!!!

So far, the tally of estimated retail value is nearly $301.00! I’m impressed with myself as I sit here typing this. Just…wow!

The following list of items is stuff I got for free* in exchange for HONEST reviews:

When it comes to getting products in exchange for reviews, the process can be a tedious pain in the ass, so I’ll break that down for you in a future post! I am gonna continue to get freebies for reviews, but I think I got a little overwhelmed and bit off more than I could chew! I mean, look at how many products I agreed to review! I’ve got a whole new batch of items being shipped for review purposes too!

* The catch is that you have to pay for shipping – and write some good reviews! Having Amazon Prime is a major major bonus factor and saves you from having to pay to have these items shipped! 

All told, I’ve gotten $545.00 worth of products and gift cards in a little over a month. Not too shabby, if you ask me, and I’m still an amateur at this stuff! Now that it is spring, and better weather is upon us, I wonder if I’m going to be able to keep up with this little hobby of mine!

If you’re excited and inspired, and looking to get started on your freebie finding quest, I suggest signing up for Crowdtap and Smiley 360 (they don’t have referral links so BUMMER). They’re by far the two easiest sites to get free stuff from, and they require the least amount of work. Be sure to complete your profiles and any surveys they have available. Crowdtap rewards you for answering their polls and questionnaires by giving you points; once you accumulate 1,000 points, you get a $5.00 amazon gift card. When I get in a groove, earning those points is a BREEZE! Even better, if you sign up your significant other or bestie, you can bank their gift cards too (assuming they don’t want to do the work and reap the rewards themselves).

I didn’t get offers from Smiley when I first signed up, but after a few weeks, I got my first invite. It is well worth the wait – and the surveys you take there are short and sweet! I’ve also been using Bing Rewards (sign up via my referral link please). It’s easy to earn points that can be cashed in for gift cards and more!

I had every intention of posting pictures to prove I’ve actually got all of these goodies – but I’ve been working on this post on and off for hours, so the photos are going to have to wait! Besides, some of the images I took were pretty darned grainy, as I can’t hold a camera straight to save my life! But this post does deserve an image, so here’s me, looking happy, cuz, WOW, I scored some good stuff!

WIN_20160401_14_52_13_Pro (2)

Hoooray! I rock!


So what have you gotten for free lately that you’re excited about? Interested in learning more about my process? Subscribe and stay up-to-date on my posts, where I’ll give you tips, tricks, and even top secrets on how you can be like me – big, broke (but not broken) and beautiful! Thanks for reading, and stay beautiful! 




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