Promoting My Fundraiser

Hello beauties – I am raising funds to get my license and a vehicle, because I’m on disability and cannot afford to just go out and get these things taken care of. I owe over $500.00 to Brooklyn/NYC DMV for a ticket I got while visiting there in 2013. That ticket along with a speeding ticket I got on that same trip are the reason why I don’t drive anymore. And aside from that, I don’t have a vehicle either!

I recently received an offer from a friend of mine who will donate $500 once the fundraiser reaches the $500 mark – he offered to match as an incentive and motivation for me to put this out into the world! I hope and pray that I reach that level soon, as I could really use these funds to get my life back in order! Having transportation when disabled is really important!

Please consider helping and share WIDELY! Share with your most generous friends too! Share on facebook, twitter, wherever you can! I thank you all so very much and will be posting updates as soon as I have more donations! From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for all of the help I get, even the smallest amounts!




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