Beautiful Update!

Hello Beauties! I’ve been neglecting my blog, plus I haven’t been keeping up with my own very small goal of writing something every day (whether related to this blog or not). I had initially intended to update more frequently than I have been, but I’ve been sick and in severe pain recently.

Since the last time I posted anything, I’ve received quite a few boxes, some of which have been amazing! All of them are well-worth the price I paid for them. Anything I don’t like has or will be either sold amazon or ebay; some I’ve given away or will give away as gifts!

Here are the boxes I got:
*WalMart’s Beauty Box, as well as their Baby Box (which I ordered for my sister and n niece), each of which are quarterly subscriptions that cost $5.00 to cover the cost of shipping.

*BirchBox, the original beauty subscription box, which at $10.00 a month is a great deal!
*Allure’s Beauty Box, which is $15.00 a month, though I paid $10.00 for the first month.
* Glossybox, which normally runs $21.oo a month, but I paid $15.00 because they had a special where they were selling past boxes, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to try them out and see what they were about without making a commitment that I wasn’t exactly sure about.

Today I was able to get the limited edition Target Beauty Box, which comes out once a month, and sells out FAST! I have been waiting patiently to get in on it, so thank god I woke up this morning and checked my email. I’m on the My Subscription Addiction email list, so they alerted me to the availability of the Target Beauty Box!

I also want to share a few other tips and tricks that have helped me acquire some beauty products FOR FREE! I’m on sites like Crowdtap, which I highly recommend, because they give away Amazon gift cards as well as products for you to sample and review. I got both a sample of Secret Clinical Strength deodorant and an Amope Pedi Perfect foot file the other day, and needless to say, I was pretty excited about that! And with all of the amazon gift cards I’ve earned, I was able to buy a new Kindle Fire, which my niece is enjoying just about as much as I am!

Remember, if you are looking to sign up for any subscription services, please use my referral links so I can get some bonus points to score some beautiful freebies! I’ll of course post reviews of the products I receive, and I’ll be so grateful if you do so!
Ipsy Referral Link
BirchBox Referral Link
GlossyBox Referral Link

*Please Note: I am not compensated in any way, shape or form for these reviews, nor have I received any free boxes, so you can be sure I’m giving an honest, unbiased opinion! 

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